Beauty of life

We are unique. We are genuine in the way we are living. The way we choose life is also our making. We learn many things through people. Some teach permanent lessons. Some become our strength. Some become our weakness. Some enter without the reason. The lessons we get through every situation is incomparable. We go through many situations. Some are amazing which builds us a stronger path. Understanding what is happening in our lives is another new dimension. Nature is the teacher of all the lessons. Since the beginning of the journey, we start to live in an environment. Our environment is based on the surrounding people. Our character builds in a hopeful environment. We start to develop the mindset of the current situation. For example, a child growing in a rich family who has all the comforts starts to see that the surrounding, the people are under its control. It never bothers about anything. whereas the child growing in the poor family worries for the meal. It all depends on the cultu


Being happy is the choice that you are going to make. Be the person that makes you happy and never depend on the other for the responsibility of making you happy. Good vibes are generated when the impressions are pure and trustworthy. The feelings speak more than words. Believe in the vibes more than words. Because words never say more than vibes. Happiness is generated when the feelings are so beautiful. People can fake the words but not the vibes. There are more illustrations regarding this unique way of perception. Great things take time and every small thing of goodness enhances your life in a great way. You can never imagine how life gets changed when you focus on the process of life and nor the destination. The way we treat people speaks a lot about us and the person we treat. Our true feelings should be pure and holy. We have a great opportunity to enhance the lives of others and not harming the people around us. We can make people happy with our actions. We should help the need

Happiness from within

Have you seen the butterflies around you? they are the creatures who are so lively as the bees.They have the own way of living as humans have completely different way of living.Happiness lies in the soul of a person.A happy soul takes every situation as a blessing and never worries about the past,present and future.He will know to tackle every great challenge and win them without any problems.You may wonder,how is that possible?How can I do the same things with the greater potentiality.Am I that capable?well,don't worry.We are presenting a beautiful article where you can find answer to every question that arises with regard to happiness and bliss.You are majorly influenced by the people around you.Try to keep the surrounding peaceful in order to maintain the stability in life. The wings of butterfly has its capability,it never feels bore,or sad.It always makes the surrounding beautiful and peaceful.It makes the surrounding beautiful by flying and makes the person happy.The nature h


Have you ever seen people with full of confidence,enthusiasm,and a perfect smile on the face? well,how it feels like an optimist.Everyone of us have unique problems,different backgrounds,distinguishable ideologies and thoughts.Many people always stay in the past and never think of the present life.Happiness is handmade,and it is not a gift from the beyond or any external forces.It is the true choice from within.Happiness can never be bought from the outside shops.It is the blend of satisfaction and love for ourselves from us.We spend almost whole the day thinking about someone,something,the past mistakes that we have done,the quarrel that went on past nine months ago .But always forget to think about the good moments in our life.The sweetest day or the happiest day which we enjoyed a lot.If we try to gather or recollect all the sweet  memories,it can be the first step of satisfaction on living.Try to indulge in the things that makes a curve on your face.The day without a laughter is a

The Comfort Zone

We are the only  creatures in  the universe who are dependent on the other .Every thing that we make is the reward of the other.We , as a human being always fall behind the success.The true success is when we are not in our comfort zone.We have a notion that as a person we have many requirements.But we want to have a real and proper mental,and also physical,social ,psychological growth which enhances the intellectual beings.In order to succeed and win in the game of life,we should try to take calculated risks.Positive pressure is required for any of the work to go on well.Be the reason people praise for.Love the life you are gifted with.Be happy for everything that you have received so far.Comfort zone never brings you success.It is the stage where the children are pampered and not the matured ones.Come out and have a great passion to achieve great things in life.Your love towards you should be to the great extent.Have a wonderful and amazing goals in your life,so that you can be more

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We see a beautiful flower and wonder how did that happen and brought up so amazingly.We have same state of mind when we see beautiful things.It is the nature of the beauty.Many of us don't have an idea of that how man can be a creator himself.But if we make our mind and work on a specific thing putting all our attention and hard work,we are the creators of our destiny.Love your work.Beautiful things never ask for attention.In the same way,if you wish to happen the beautiful things in life,keep your intentions pure.The greater things get manifested into the reality and seem wonderful in the way of life.Happiness must be shared.Love the way you are.Every one are different and unique.Have a nice day.Thank you:) For more awesome lines do follow our page. 1)Instagram:           2)Youtube                   : 3)Facebook: